Dress Code

Francis Reh is a Uniform School K thru 8th grade and students will be required to maintain the uniform policy of wearing a shirt with collar ( polo shirt, dress shirt, etc... ) and blue, black, or khaki pants.

Students are allowed to wear shorts until October 1.  When the end of the year approaches, students are allowed to wear shorts beginning May 1, weather permitting.  There will be some warm days before May 1, please follow the procedures that are in place.


It is important for your son or daughter to be at school on time  every day. If your child is 15 minutes late for school daily it is the same as  missing 10.3 days of school. If they are 30 minutes late for school each day it  is the same as missing 20.7 days of school. Please have your child at school on time every day so they do not miss out on valuable learning time.

Bullying and other Aggressive Behavior Toward Students

Francis Reh Academy Parent & Student Handbook